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Are you on the Wall?

For many years, the only requirement for a veteran’s name to be placed on Veterans Wall was a DD-214 demonstrating a Home of Record of Saugus, Massachusetts at the time of enlistment.  As many of our Veterans Posts started closing and consolidating, it became apparent that many of our Saugus Veterans Posts have been, and continue to be, led by veterans who did not qualify to be included on Veterans Wall under these restrictive requirements.  As a result, the Saugus Veterans Council voted at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting to be more inclusive of those veterans who have come from other communities and have made Saugus their home.  The following regulations were voted on and incorporated to accomplish that goal.

1.  Saugus residents, at the time of enlistment, automatically qualify to be included on Veterans Wall.

2.  Residents of other communities, at the time of enlistment, qualify ONLY IF ALL OF THE FOLOWING REQUIREMENTS are met by providing supporting documentation.

     a.  Currently reside in the Town of Saugus for a minimum of 10 years

     b.  Discharged under Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions

     c.  Have been an Officer of a Saugus Veterans Post including the VFW, American Legion, DAV or the Saugus Veterans Council

Should a question of eligibility, or dispute over eligibility, arise, then the Saugus Veterans Council will review all documentation and records and determine if eligibility is met.  If so, then that veteran will be added to Veterans Wall at the next scheduled ceremony.

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